Total Home

Horizon can bring your home to life with the latest technology in Total Home Automation. Imagine having control over every aspect of your home from a single location, or walking into your office and with the push of a single button change the climate control, lighting and music from your wife’s preferred settings to your own.

This type of component integration is becoming more popular in new construction, but Horizon installers are well equipped and trained to retrofit any system into your home. Horizon can take you from the design stage, through the install to the finished system and any of our staff will be able to assist you throughout the process. We offer a variety of control systems including custom programmed Crestron systems that allow the ultimate in versatility and control.

Practically anything you can imagine we can do. That means checking your front porch camera from work to see if a package you’re expecting has arrived. That means telling your home you’re coming back early from a business trip and to adjust the temperature accordingly. That means checking your back porch camera from your bedroom to see if that noise you just heard was an intruder or just raccoons pillaging your trash cans.